30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 15


Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I have noticed that if you are trying to write a blog post every day for 30 days you should have some sort of calendar or list of ideas that you want to speak about otherwise you sit in front of a blank screen going, now what?!

Because you don’t have anything concrete to write about you end up procrastinating thinking to yourself that you will do it later when you have an idea or better yet wait for inspiration.

However, that ends up in a big fail, waiting for inspiration to come by. Some days it just doesn’t happen. Or waiting to do it later you end up running of time. Therefore we need to have some sort of process that we can capture ideas and flesh them out and know when we want to upload these ideas to the world.

Also one needs to be a good reader to keep-on taking in information and ideas about a variety of topics. This, in turn, will yield better results when you are crafting your blog. The good news is that all this reading can help you get ideas for more blog posts.

Back to the content calendar process, one of the reasons I never really had a content calendar was that I didn’t have a suitable system or process to follow. Having gone back to using Notion this has helped me create a content calendar that works for me.

Sure this can be done on apps like Evernote, OneNote and Apple Notes it just seemed to cause friction in my mind as to get to the calendar you had many clicks and different pages spread about the app. Depending on the note editor it was difficult to see word count, add links and general formatting was tricky between the desktop and mobile apps.

Hence I am using Notion again, you can create a mini database or table. In the table, you can have a page for each blog post that has all your content for that post. The table arranges everything for you and you can see what pages or blog posts are written, which ones uploaded, in progress and still need to be worked on.

One would think that as a blog writer you would have this set up first before you start creating content but in the eagerness to start writing and uploading one is flying high on inspiration and eagerness. The ideas come like torrent and you feel unstoppable.

Hoorah! but after the 1st-week things begin to slip and before you know it weeks even months have gone by without ever creating or uploading another post.

If you are new to this whole blogging scene or just want an easier way to write and keep your process dead simple then you should try Notion.

Someone who I can recommend for blogging advice is New Lune, this is where I stumbled upon her article about creating a content calendar, so check her out for more tips and tricks on better blogging.

Let me know what your process is when creating content?

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